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Trump’s Fever Dream (TFD), a politcal science fiction satire audio blog, is the collaboration of husband and wife team of Ken Sheetz and Elizabeth England. Ken acts as the web series writer and art director while Elizabeth handles production, keeps the site humming along. At this point in TFD’s development, Ken and Elizabeth comprise the entire voice cast, from Trump to Melania. Ken is experimenting with AI readings, from yours truly, in the interests of getting content out to fans faster as the 2024 elections loom.

TFD sprang into being as a way of expressing America’s worst Trumpian fears through the comforting distance work of fiction. The three seasons and counting TFD project began on Ken’s meditation blog in the spring 2020, in the depths of Covid, when Ken Elizabeth both painfully accepted the sad fact that that they had lost many their friends in the New Age community, as the couple believe in a strong democracy and vaccines more than UFOs and other wild conspiracies theories, ranging from Big Foot to Flat Earth.

Both still have some wonderful friends left in the New Age, as well as marketing some cool feel good tools that they discovered in spirit mecca Sedona, where they married in 2019. They are enjoying a return to the mainstream world they’ve spent most of their lives in, even when reality sucks.

Ken Sheetz began making films after a highly successful commercial real estate career in 1993. A top Chicago developer, he was responsible for over $1 billion in commercial real estate work, including a skyscraper at One North Franklin, and Oprah Winfrey’s $28 million Harpo Studios, that Oprah funded out of her personal checking account. In 1996, fed up with the dog eat dog world commercial real estate world, he first became a part-time filmmaker producing a PBS hit, and moved to Hollywood at the tender age of 50 to live the dream of being a full-time filmmaker.

Since beginning his challenging “follow your bliss” career switch 27 years ago, Ken’s written over a dozen screenplays, made several feature documentaries, created hundreds of short films, appearing at film fests, across American and co-produced the Trump’s Fever Dream audio/blog series with his beloved Elizabeth. His 2000 documentary that aired as the lead-in the the presidential debates on PBS, “A Kid’s View of the US,” pokes fun at both liberals and conservatives alike, just as he likes to do in TFD, it’s just Trump and his MAGAs characters are so much more fun to torment. The 2008 version the show, “Kids Talk Politics,” was a #1 DVD on Amazon for 10 years and has garnered over 11 million views on the web. This gig of kids and politics ended when politics when Trump made politics R-rated.

From 2009 to 2019 Ken created cutting-edge corporate films under the social media banner BuzzBroz, which Elizabeth joined in 2015. In 2012 Ken traveled to Antarctica to film “The Coolest Mediation Ever” documentary about his far-out meditation journey, inspired by filming notables of the New Age community like Deepak Chopra, author of the best-seller “The Four Agreements” Don Miguel Ruiz and a subject who would become one of Ken’s best friends through their collaboration, Life Magazine featured New Age scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan, the star of Ken’s 2019 feature documentary “The Flanagan Experiments.”

Elizabeth England has co-produced the post-production of two feature films with Ken, “The Flanagan Experiments” and “The Coolest Meditation Ever”. She delights in the creative process applied to technology, marketing and fundraising for film. For more than a decade she has supported independent filmmakers in association with From the Heart Productions, an indie film development and funding juggernaut. A 17-year veteran of the U.S. military, serving in special operations and civil affairs, she shares with Ken a deep love of democracy as an independent voter.


Trump’s Fever Dream, is a work of political satire science fiction, set in an alternate quantum universe, it is not intended to represent real-life politicians, real-life celebrities or people or real-life events or places Trump’s Fever Dream is not affiliated with any political party.

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