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Sorry. This will be longer than a typical product description because, you see, the Sensor V is legendary bling from another world and era. As world acclaimed author Naomi Klein seeks to map in part for her new must read book DOPPLEGANGER. A world which I loved that changed so drastically, starting in 2015 when Trump came down the escalator with Melania, as to be unrecognizable to me.

Bet you didn’t know that just 10 years ago, before many of New Agers were sucked down the Q rabbit hole by the Q psyop, likely run by Putin pal and former general Mike Flynn for Donald Trump, New Agers and yoga people were on whole some of the most sweet and loving people you’d ever meet. Today many of my former New Age friends have sadly have been converted into mouthpieces of conspiracy and an ever intensifying hate for the other.

It all started out so well with my move to LA in 2003 to make movies after a bofo commercial real estate career as one of Chicago top players. As a fan and screenwriter of science fiction, I loved the New Agers I met and their open attitude about the “far-out”. I was not a kook to them as I was to so many in the mainstream world. And this was how I fell into the New Age hotbed of LA where I found a ready and willing market for filming celebs of that world like Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz and most of all an inventor named Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

Patrick is a legend in and was one of the founding father of the New Age community, which began in 1987 with The Harmonic Convergence. He also pioneered some of the early Burning Man elaborate camps. His interest in science reached back to the 50s where as child prodigy he drew the attention of US military when he invented a device for tracking nuclear missile launches as a high school science fair project. He came to fame getting featured in LIFE MAGAZINE in 1962 as one of America’s most promising young scientists. Patrick went on to launch the pyramid craze back in the 70s and 80s with his theories on ancient aliens helping Egyptians to build the pyramids of GIZA and wrote one of the first self-published best sellers.

I entered Pat’s story late in his amazing life in 2013, when I filmed him for a Youtube series called “The Flanagan Experiments,” that gained over 25 million views. I was stunned by his popularity. We became great pals during the 6 months of filming and he was a sponsor of my film project in Antarctica. He passed in late 2019 and I still miss him and his genius. Don’t tell my client Oprah, for whom I built her TV studios, but the jovial genius Dr. Patrick Flanagan remains my favorite client of all time.

To fund my feature doc about him called THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS I began selling some of his amazing products to his many fans across the world. Of all his amazing inventions, from supplements to ultrasonic meditation boosters ,(the invention that landed him in LIFE,) my favorite is the Sensor V. Plated in gold and encrusted with tiny pyramids. Patrick believed with his whole heart and soull that he successfully created a medallion to enhance the human energy field and that in turn it magnifies a person’s abundance field. An effect he claimed he measured using acupuncture tool to gauge the testing of subjects meridian points before, during and after Sensor V use. Hey, I told you, Patrick Flanagan was a founding father of the New Age movement.

I am a real estate developer turned filmmaker and no scientist and so I cannot confirm or deny the Sensor V, or Pat’s other far out inventions for that matter, really work as he claimed. Many call him a snake oil salesman. I disagree.  Pat was more of a Peter Pan, a modern-day mystic. His faith in his acclaimed health boosting inventions  was genuine and he was a true genius.

Of the hundreds of Sensor Vs my partner in all things and wife Elizabeth, an expert in yoga as well as web design, have sold of Pat’s, no one has ever returned one or complained. No longer being one of the unshakable believers of the current anti-vax and conspiracy obsessed New Age, my wife and I, who met and fell love during the hey days of the New Age, nonetheless firmly believe the conversation starting Sensor V is an exquisite piece of gold plated legendary bling.

Ken Sheetz




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