Mar-A-Lago Prison – TurkeyGate – S3E3

Previously on Trump’s Fever Dream… Trump's raucous celebration after winning the 2024 Presidential election by a landslide is cut short when Biden stuns MAGA by erecting a razor wire fence surrounding Mar-A-Lago, complete with armed guard towers, and expelling all from the besieged property but Melania, the Secret Service and a skeleton crew of cooks, …

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Trump on a Flying Golden Toilet

Donald’s On The John With Boxes – An AI Tribute Song

Hey Randy Rainbow, Love your new little ditty you inspired to the Same Tune of LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS. I thought I'd test ChatGPT to see if all the worry about AIs replacing real artists was justified. Here's what ChatGpt came up with after my expert prompting by the third try. Took three …

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Trevor Noah 2.0

Trevor 2.0 – The Cheeseburger Remedy

Announcer Ken Sheetz: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage "Trump's Fever Dream" host, Trevor 2.0, powered by the collaboration between ChatGPT and Midjourney! Ladies and Gentlemen missing your comedy sweetener of the bitter news of the day give it up for Trevor Noah's poor AI substitute, Trevor 2.0. [Applause and virtual stage lights …

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Weekend At Trumpie’s – S1E6

Warning: Violent Parody And Strong Language Ahead. Parental discretion advised. Meanwhile One Timeline Away… in a universe not very far away… an obese President Donald Trump, one very much like our own, living on a parallel Earth, very much like our own, lays intubated, deep in a Covid coma October 2, 2020. Steve Bannon paces …

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