TFD Overview and Handy Disclaimer

Welcome to an alternate universe one timeline away from our own troubled world. A universe where Trump’s January 6, 2021 insurrection will (spoiler alert) succeed in a wonky as hell overthrow of democracy much sooner than the ongoing coup we are suffering from in our reality.

Written without care for whether TRUMP’S FEVER DREAM (TFD) becomes nothing more than this humble blog or a hit TV series, as a 25 year film vet I’d normally never share a story with fans while it’s still in development. But then again — the past two years of Covid and the ever intensifying insanity we are witnessing from the GOP and White Supremacists going all-in on reinstalling Trump as ostensibly our new King, post insurrection — has caused me to feel extremely mortal. Hence the early share.

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Before we get started, my handy disclaimer that TRUMP’S FEVER DREAM is of course a work of pure fiction about an alternate universe. It is in no way a true reflection of the kind and compassionate real-life Donald J Trump, and his charming GOP enablers or, for that matter, the supposed good guys in this dark comedic tale.

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