Trump’s Fever Dream Comes to Life

I almost feel sorry for Donald the horder. Almost. He had three chances to listen to consul and return the hundreds of classified boxes he horded his whole presidency and beyond, perhaps cutting a deal with the DOJ. But his bloated ego and ginormous white privilege he’s flaunted his whole life would not allow him give up the files he so carelessly and dangerously loved like the Gollum’s precious. Heaven help us all. This is not just an American problem it’s a global problem if the orange box thief sold nuclear secrets to the highest bidder.

And so the fantasy series of 12 episodes (7 re-posted so far) that I wrote during the depths of Trump’s mishandling of Covid, which I called “Trumps Fever Dream,” airing on one of my other blogs, have been utterly surpassed in sheer real-life lunacy. I’ve begun working on a TFD 2023 sequel and using MidJourney for inspiration or perhaps these MJs are all I have left in me as this 2 times impeached, 2 times indicted diaper wearing man-child is exhausting AF.

Here are some of my efforts to date I offer of my fiction, bound to be once again surpassed by Trump’s real-life lunacy. But I hope it makes you smile in these dangerous nutty times. Stay cool.

Donald Loves His Boxes More Than Melania

Jack Smith is Coming

Presto! Boxes Moved to My Shower.

Donald Works In The Prison Kitchen

Donald the Pied Piper Leads MAGAs To Their Doom

Trump Directs the “Hide the Boxes” Rehearsal

Trump Reacts to Yet Another Jack Smith Filing

Scary AF Actual Photo of Trump Stash of Docs Complete With Copy Machine

The Only Way Trump Get Back Into DC Politics

The Documents Are Mine

The Documents… My Precious

Trump Dreams of Reagan Coming Back From The Dead As His VP for 2024

The Boxes… The Boxes…

Trump Age 94 After Release on Parole

*As always my little disclaimer that this is of course a work of pure fiction about an alternate universe. It is in no way a true reflection the kind and compassionate Donald J Trump, and his cohorts or for that matter the good guys in this dark comedic telling, the Biden bunch. But I hope it makes you feel a little better about the weird as hell times we are still lost in.

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